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                  Welcome to Wuhan Xianghe Shunda Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. website!
                  • Keywords:
                  • tert-butyl hydrazine hydrochloride,polyethylene imine,mixed fatty acid esters,famotidine

                  Tel:+86-27-63197789  +86-27-88771877

                  +86-27-88773820  +86-27-88070707

                  Phone:+86-13437198788  +86-13260651888  +86-18171237172

                  Wuhan Xianghe Shunda Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. is a high-tech chemical enterprise engaged in the R&D, production and sales of pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates. The company is situated in Boquan Industrial Park, Dongxihu District, Wuhan City, Hubei, it is easy of access. Our factory covers 350mu, and it owns all types of large and medium manufacturing shops and auxiliary plants. Moreover, the factory is equipped with advanced instruments and equipment, quality inspection and research centers. The company mainly engages in producing famotidine, tilmicosin, L(-)-Carnitine, D(-)-Fructose, fatty acid glyceride,mixed, poly(ethylenimine), cyclodextrin, cyclosporine A, finasteride, econazole nitrate, sodium saccharine, tazarotene, tranexamic acid, gabapentin, glybenzcyclamide, glimepiride, heteroauxin, melatonine, chlorphenamine hydrogen maleate, chlorhexidine acetate, bromohexine hydrochloride, nitrofural, furaltadone, bambuterol hydroc
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                  Wuhan Xianghe Shunda Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. 
                  URL: http://www.rxzr.tw
                  Tel: +86-27-63197789/ +86-13437198788/ +86-13260651888/ +86-27-88070707 / +86-27-88773820
                  Fax: +86-27-88771877
                  Add: Boquan Industrial Park, Dongxihu District, Wuhan City, HubeiChina
                  P. C.: 430000

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